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Climate Change - Humanity's Greatest Challenge

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Climate change and global warming, caused by human activity and continuing emissions of greenhouse gasses over the past 70 years, pose existential threats to the survival of humanity and the biosphere that has sustained life on earth up to this point. Unless humanity reverses the accelerating rate of greenhouse emissions and destructive activities that have caused damage to the biosphere we will witness, in the next few decades, the devastating effect of climate change in extinction of species and survival of human society on earth.

Reversing climate change requires a re-imagination of the systems of production that have brought us to the precipice. The global cycle of extraction, production, and consumption is no longer sustainable. Desctructive practices in extraction of minerals, oil and gas, with no regard for their destructive consequences for the environment have to stop. The global agro business has left behind polluted soil, rivers, and oceans. The continuing exploitation of labor at below subsistence wages have deprived billions of people with no access to minimum basic living standards. These phenomena are all connected. The solution for climate change will also address the social and environmental justice. A re-imagination of the system of production is needed if future generations are going to have the benefit of a sustainable and fulfilling living environment.

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